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Voice of the Angels

Ahh, hello Church and Friends, it is Annunciation time! 

The angel appears to Mary and tells her she will have a son; not only she, a virgin, but her elderly relative Elizabeth who is far past child-bearing years.  The angel ends his announcement with these words: “For nothing will be impossible with God.” 

In our online worship published this first week of December, you will hear members of our congregation tell of times when God took them through a barren time to a birthing time—when God sparked their ability to give birth to something new. 

A mark of a Christian is leaning into the possibilities of what is to come.  The angel speaks to us “do not be afraid” and turns our attention to what God is doing right now.  In worship, we come together to sing and celebrate God’s presence in our midst.  Thus, we become the voice of the angels speaking hope and singing peace into our collective soul.  So fortified, we wait for the opportunity to give birth to something new believing, with God, our lives become the powerful love that changes the world. 

I leave you with the lyrics of one of the hymns I love to sing based on Mary’s “Magnificat,” the song she sings after the angel leaves, found in Luke 1: 46 – 55.  Like the stories we will hear today, it testifies to the powerful love that changes the world. 

“My Soul Gives Glory to My God”

My soul gives glory to my God,
My heart pours out its praise,
God lifted up my lowliness,
in many marvelous ways. 

My God has done great things for me;
yes, holy is her name. 
All people will declare me blessed,
and blessings they shall claim. 

From age to age, to all who fear,
such mercy love imparts,
dispensing justice far and near,
dismissing selfish hearts. 

Love casts the mighty from their thrones,
promotes the insecure,
leaves hungry spirits satisfied,
the rich seem suddenly poor. 

Praise God, whose loving covenant
supports those in distress,
remembering past promises
with present faithfulness. 

In God’s World-Changing Love,
Pastor Heather

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