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Up the Mountain We Go!

Dear church and friends,

When I hike sometimes I have to go up a very steep hill before I get to where I’m going.  Along the way, there are switchbacks that make it so hikers can hike rather than climb a mountain.  It can be tedious!  And, still, around every switchback, every turn, is a possibility of seeing something new—a different view, a scampering lizard, or a flowering cactus. 

This third upcoming Easter in view of Covid’s continuing presence can make us all tired.  We didn’t choose to go on this path.  But, here we are, struggling to keep our relationships alive and to connect with Spirit as we travel a path we could not foresee. 

As I do when I hike a steep path, it is important to rest, to take a moment to take in the view, and to look to see what God has created. 

This week, I got to do exactly that.  I got to talk with friends and work with Linda to create some routines that will allow her to help me as I pastor the church.  I even bought a new light which I’ve almost installed.  When I do get it working it is going to be a victory. 

I know, it doesn’t sound like much, but neither is a lizard.  The point is to see God in what you can do and are doing.  And, to take time to rest so you can see through the eyes of faith.  Around the corner there will be something new and fun; there will be joy.     

Thank you for giving this time of rest to your worship leaders, musicians, deacons, sound engineer, your video creator, and your pastor on this 5th Sunday where we do not meet in the sanctuary nor have new online worship.

However, we do have some new offerings:  Curtis (our website guru) interviews me for his “Embrace Life” podcast and there is a Martin Luther King Jr. Service later today put on by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).


In God’s Love, Heather

Reverend Heather DeVoe Miner, M.Div

Reverend Heather DeVoe Miner, M.Div

Rev. Heather served as the pastor at NLBCC until 2022. She continues to spread the loving and inclusive message of Christ, serving a church in Boise, Idaho.

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