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The Tao of Pooh 2: Slow Down

June 26, 2022

Scripture: Isaiah 40:21-31

Today’s scripture celebrates God’s presence in the world and in our lives. It reminds us that what we see as being better than, more powerful, than us, doesn’t matter in the long run. Because if we choose to ride along with the Eternal One, it isn’t about our strength, for Yahweh gives us more than enough to fly.

More Inspirational Reflections

communion bread and wine


The need for reconciling people is as strong today as ever. Jesus sat at the table with the ones who would disappoint and even betray him. He never stopped loving them, he never stopped reconciling people to himself.

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two plates

An Extra Plate

As I look towards Spring and the thawing of the pandemic’s isolation, I am reminded small things matter like how we greet one another and strangers, offer a cup of coffee, and ask another a question that allows them to share some of their stories.

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There is a whole lot to becoming a “complete” follower of Jesus.  It has nothing to do with show.  But it also has nothing to do with being perfect for, as we know, Jesus’ disciples never would meet that standard. 

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