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The Great Exchange

The Lenten Journey Series

by Elder Renee ES Barnes

Mark 9:14-27

Lenten season is the opportunity of reflection and preparation. As a believer in the Way of Jesus’ teachings, we are invited to reflect upon the challenges in our lives that have distracted from present awareness of our true selves, our communities, family and friends, but more our relationship to God, Holy Spirit (feminine), and Jesus our brother and Saviour. For the next 40 days we will explore the idea of the great “Exchange.” This exchange will cause us to recognize our obstacle, realize the effect it has had on our daily living, strategize with tools for spiritual awareness how to overcome, to live a Resurrected life and the Command by Jesus to Stand. Prayerfully and with much hope for success you will walk with us. If at any time this may cause mental agitation or stress, please seek out the professional help you may need. Self-reflection is in all ways Self Care. We invite you to the Power of the Exchange.