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Rev. Heather Miner was recently interviewed as a featured guest on The Embrace Life Podcast from UCC in Simi Valley. Host Curtis Lee Rodgers talks to Pastor Heather about finding moments of hope during the difficult struggles of the pandemic. They also discuss the important lessons of Advent and Christmas as we look for much-needed sparks of divine joy this year.

More Inspirational Reflections

people experiencing miracles of life

Look for the Miracle 1

It was a day like no other for a man who was like no other.  Paul was fully committed to destroying a new religion that was rising out of the ashes of a crucified man.  On this day, Paul and his men traveled the road to Damascus preparing to root out those who would extinguish his faith.  He meant to bring them to justice. 

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Church Life and Ministry

Friends of Jesus

Much of what gives my life meaning is being with friends, journeying together to fight against the evils of our world, not with magic, but with the power of faith in God. 

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He is Risen!

Easter is a time for us Christians to arise and announce the good news that death is not the end but, with Christ, we live now and forever.

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