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    Name Calling – What’s In A Name #2

    Those who care about people have learned to be careful about the words we use to describe one another. Words have power. Names have power.

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    What’s In a Name? [Sermon #1-Name Dropping]

    Names have power and meaning. In this series, we explore the names of those in the Bible. What does your name mean? How do you live into it?

  • Peregrine Falcon

    What We Can Do Together

    There’s a great story of worldwide cooperation behind the birds. It began with the Peregrine Falcon. 

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    The Tao of Pooh 3: Embrace Differences

    When you embrace all that makes you, and all that makes them, you also gain the courage to change the world.

  • women's group

    Friends of God

    Where the world looks to judge and control; God’s friends look at what has been created.

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    Get out and about.  Start connecting.  But keep up your practice of prayer and meditation.  Let your connection with the Eternal One motivate all else. 

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    Have You Been Spiritually Robbed?

    As we continue our Lenten Series, we look at how the season of Lent can deepen our relationship with God.

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    An Extra Plate

    As I look towards Spring and the thawing of the pandemic’s isolation, I am reminded small things matter like how we greet one another and strangers, offer a cup of coffee, and ask another a question that allows them to share some of their stories.

  • Mountain Landscape

    Up the Mountain We Go!

    Around every switchback, every turn, is a possibility of seeing something new—a different view, a scampering lizard, or a flowering cactus. 

  • cheer

    Beyond Cheer

    Dear Church and Spirit-led Friends, I’ve been watching the Netflix docuseries, “Cheer,” which tells the story of a little community college in Texas called Navarro with a 14-time national champion […]