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Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Leslie

Rev. Leslie I. Thomas, MA, MDiv

On October 1, 2022 North Long Beach Christian Church (NLBCC) welcomed me, Rev. Leslie I. Thomas as the new full-time transitional pastor.


I am new to Long Beach, moving here in June, 2022 and have a steep learning curve about this community.  But I accept that challenge and look forward to learning much about who the church is and how you represent in Long Beach!


I have hope based firmly in my faith, that God has a plan for this congregation and I will do everything in my power to help navigate the change that comes with new leadership.


I know at the same time, you mourn the loss of Heather, your beloved pastor and friend.  I won’t even try to fill her shoes, she took ’em with her.


I, however, will be the best vessel I can to help you live into God’s plan for this church and community.


You people of NLBCC are AMAAAZING!


I look forward to walking with you!


We got this!


Hit me up for ‘Lunch with Leslie’ by shooting me an email at or text/cell at 907/359-1931.  We can do ‘dutch treat’ lunch at your favorite haunt or we can bring sack lunches and hang out in my church office, you choose.


We are also looking for 6 people to join 2 new teams of leadership serving the congregation and the pastor.  PLEASE let me know if you feel called to serve in this way.


Worship is still Sunday’s at 10:45!  Hope to meet you there!