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Dear Church Family and Friends,

In our Lenten series, The Great Exchange, Elder Rene asks us to replace one thing that doesn’t bring us closer to God with another that does. 

It reminds me of the song, “I’m Trading My Sorrows,” where the lyric has us shouting “yes, Lord.”

I’m trading my sorrows

I’m trading my shame

I’m laying them down for the joy of the Lord

I’m trading my sickness

I’m trading my pain

I’m laying them down for the joy of the Lord

Yes Lord, yes Lord, yes yes Lord

Yes Lord, yes Lord, yes yes Lord

Yes Lord, yes Lord, yes yes Lord, Amen 

It is a heart song, one that makes me want to stand up and clap for God.  The lyrics recognize life’s struggle but they keep bringing us back to God. 

I can and I think we are meant to be horrified about what is happening in the world both near and far.  My friend, Liz, reminded her FB followers that there are still Central American children being held at our border.  What inflation will do for those who are already home and food insecure can weigh heavy on my heart.   And, yet, I believe it is more than knowledge of another’s plight that propels us to act collectively and individually.   If your mind and heart are wrapped around the troubles of the world, you can be brought low. 

And, so, the great exchange.  When you find yourself in sorrow or shame; in sickness or pain; when you feel the pain of a stranger whose face is on the news; when you worry about coming storms or anticipate loss; acknowledge what it is you feel. 

But don’t stay there and don’t start trying to fix it while you are in the bereft place of the soul.  Instead, move on to the song’s refrain.  Allow your “yes Lord” to become your heart and mind’s mantra.   Let your “Yes Lord” plug you into the power of the Eternal Spirit who is still acting in this world to bring life for all.  In the Eternal One, you will find the courage to change and to make change.   Plug into the Creator’s power; there you will find joy!

In God’s Love, Heather

Picture of Reverend Heather DeVoe Miner, M.Div

Reverend Heather DeVoe Miner, M.Div

Rev. Heather served as the pastor at NLBCC until 2022. She continues to spread the loving and inclusive message of Christ, serving a church in Boise, Idaho.

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