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May 01 2022


1:00 pm

Griffith Observatory Trip

We have been invited to join with Bixby Knolls on an after church excursion on May 1st.
We’ll have to high tail it over to BKCC after our worship with sandwiches in hand but the plan looks like a good one.  It is a nice way to fellowship with our sister church.  Be warned, you have to be able to walk up a steep hill to come.
Here is our plan for the trip to Griffith Observatory:
We will be parking near the Greek Theater and hiking up to the observatory, a short but steep hike. If one or two want to join us that would be fine. There might even be room to ride with us. If more than that want to go from NLBCC, then they’ll need to drive themselves.
The Schedule: 

1:00 – Meet at BKCC.
2:00 – (approx) Arrive at Observatory; explore the exhibits.
3:45 – everyone meet on the West Terrace to line up for the planetarium show (4:15 showtime) (Danny will purchase tickets, which are $7/adults, $5/students, $3 under 12) – use restroom before getting in line
After the show: we can continue exploring if there are more things to see, then leave and stop for dinner on the way home.

What to bring: 

  • proof of vaccination (required for everyone 12+)
  • ID with picture (everyone 18+)
  • Face mask
  • $15-$20 for planetarium show & dinner

Note: cell phone service is not reliable at the Observatory!

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