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  • two plates

    An Extra Plate

    As I look towards Spring and the thawing of the pandemic’s isolation, I am reminded small things matter like how we greet one another and strangers, offer a cup of coffee, and ask another a question that allows them to share some of their stories.

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Information Please

    Information Please

    As I think about this great commission to make disciples of all nations, to baptize and to teach, in order for me to be able to stay in the room, I have to put it into the context of the great commandment.  Jesus said that all the commandments hang on the one.

  • get changed, clothes

    Get Changed

    Some of the old clothes are comfortable clothes and we return to them from time to time.  These could be those habits that lead us to trust in things that are not God. 

  • Mountain Landscape

    Up the Mountain We Go!

    Around every switchback, every turn, is a possibility of seeing something new—a different view, a scampering lizard, or a flowering cactus. 

  • Progressive Christian Podcast

    The Embrace Life Podcast

    Rev. Heather Miner was recently interviewed as a featured guest on The Embrace Life Podcast.

  • cheer

    Beyond Cheer

    Dear Church and Spirit-led Friends, I’ve been watching the Netflix docuseries, “Cheer,” which tells the story of a little community college in Texas called Navarro with a 14-time national champion […]

  • Church Life and Ministry

    Friends of Jesus

    Much of what gives my life meaning is being with friends, journeying together to fight against the evils of our world, not with magic, but with the power of faith in God. 

  • manger scene

    Making Room for Jesus

    Dear Friends, One of the blessings of the pandemic is we had to pare down to the bare minimum.  It is a gift to pare down to the minimum and […]

  • Bible, Christmas

    Good Tidings

    The Bible read with an open heart, leads us to find ourselves in God’s story, a story where grace and love abound.

  • 2021 Summary

    Celebrate what God has done in 2021

    We enter into this Advent season with the expectation of rebirth.  Jesus arrives in a most unconventional manner: Mary bearing down in the hay of a stable, with Joseph acting as a midwife.