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  • tree swing

    Tree Sitting

    Sit under a tree, and look up into the leaves dappled with sunlight.  And, there, let your imagination start a story of its own.

  • name tag on shirt

    What’s In a Name? [Sermon #1-Name Dropping]

    Names have power and meaning. In this series, we explore the names of those in the Bible. What does your name mean? How do you live into it?

  • honey dripping, lemons, the tao of pooh title

    The Tao of Pooh 5 – The Tao of Christ, P’u

    In this last of our series, Rev. Heather shares stories from camp that reveal how dark reveals Yahweh's light, how El formed us, and how Elwah is with us wherever we go.

  • Peregrine Falcon

    What We Can Do Together

    There’s a great story of worldwide cooperation behind the birds. It began with the Peregrine Falcon. 

  • people experiencing miracles of life

    Look for the Miracle 5: Pentecost

    You are held by the very one who turned the cruel cross into a symbol of life.

  • woman crying, sad

    Listening to God’s No

    In a world where your home is the only place you can be, home, and whatever it takes to keep a home, takes center stage. Life can sometimes feel like it is all about survival instead of joy and song. Is this you?  Is this someone you know? 

  • people experiencing miracles of life

    Look for the Miracle 4: Lydia

    Every "no" gives God an opportunity to lead you to a new “yes!”

  • communion bread and wine


    The need for reconciling people is as strong today as ever. Jesus sat at the table with the ones who would disappoint and even betray him. He never stopped loving them, he never stopped reconciling people to himself.

  • people experiencing miracles of life

    Look for the Miracle 3: Peter

    God is not done with you.  You are not God’s finished work. God continually reshapes your heart to meet the challenge of the new day. 

  • woman smiling

    Mondays were Made For Miracles

    Never forget that God is the one who watched over us on our road to change.