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    Listening to God’s No

    In a world where your home is the only place you can be, home, and whatever it takes to keep a home, takes center stage. Life can sometimes feel like it is all about survival instead of joy and song. Is this you?  Is this someone you know? 

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    The need for reconciling people is as strong today as ever. Jesus sat at the table with the ones who would disappoint and even betray him. He never stopped loving them, he never stopped reconciling people to himself.

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    Mondays were Made For Miracles

    Never forget that God is the one who watched over us on our road to change.

  • women's group

    Friends of God

    Where the world looks to judge and control; God’s friends look at what has been created.

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    Delight in the Lord

    When you’ve been given an opportunity to do a new thing, take a moment to reflect on how God has fashioned you for this moment at this time.

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    Look for the Miracle 1

    It was a day like no other for a man who was like no other.  Paul was fully committed to destroying a new religion that was rising out of the ashes of a crucified man.  On this day, Paul and his men traveled the road to Damascus preparing to root out those who would extinguish his faith.  He meant to bring them to justice. 

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    Lenten Series Conclusion

    Elder Renee brings us the conclusion for the Great Exchange Lenten Series, given on Good Friday.

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    He is Risen!

    Easter is a time for us Christians to arise and announce the good news that death is not the end but, with Christ, we live now and forever.

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    Get out and about.  Start connecting.  But keep up your practice of prayer and meditation.  Let your connection with the Eternal One motivate all else. 

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    Have You Been Spiritually Robbed?

    As we continue our Lenten Series, we look at how the season of Lent can deepen our relationship with God.