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    Lenten Series Conclusion

    Elder Renee brings us the conclusion for the Great Exchange Lenten Series, given on Good Friday.

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    What Are You Arguing About?

    Often making peace is much more difficult than causing conflict. What can we learn from Mark 9 about arguments?

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    Doubt as the Authority Hacker

    When Doubt is the Common denominator to weakening our faith and stifling our dominion and authority, Jesus calls us to seek Him privately.

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    Have You Been Spiritually Robbed?

    As we continue our Lenten Series, we look at how the season of Lent can deepen our relationship with God.

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    The Crowd Among You

    Lenten Season: Week 2 - The Crowd Among You

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    The Great Exchange

    For the next 40 days we will explore the idea of the great "Exchange." This exchange will cause us to recognize our obstacle, realize the effect it has had on our daily living, strategize with tools for spiritual awareness how to overcome, to live a Resurrected life and the Command by Jesus to Stand.