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  • Change is Opportunity

    Change is an Opportunity

    Change is all around.  One day it is hot; the next day it is cold.  Our bodies, not knowing how to respond, are unsettled, maybe even allergic to all this change.  And, church has changed too, hasn’t it? 

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    Resident Ministries

    We have several renters and colleagues working in faith and education ministries, all while they share our campus. We support their work, as they support our ministries.

  • Food Pantry

    Food Pantry

    We provide needed food, personal hygiene, and clothing items to those in need in our community.

  • Men's Group

    Men’s Group

    This group is responsible for supporting our Food Pantry, leading Bible studies, repairing and maintaining the buildings of our campus.

  • women's group

    Ruth Group

    ​Born in fellowship, this group of women is the rapid response action committee of our church. They attend to each​need as those needs arise!

  • Zoom Bible Study

    Zoom Bible Study

    Our own Rev. Heather Miner joins with author Rev. Robert L. Arthur (The Sex Texts: Sexuality, Gender, and Relationships in the Bible) to present an insightful study of the Bible.