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  • Church Life and Ministry

    Friends of Jesus

    Much of what gives my life meaning is being with friends, journeying together to fight against the evils of our world, not with magic, but with the power of faith in God. 

  • manger scene

    Making Room for Jesus

    Dear Friends, One of the blessings of the pandemic is we had to pare down to the bare minimum.  It is a gift to pare down to the minimum and […]

  • Bible, Christmas

    Good Tidings

    The Bible read with an open heart, leads us to find ourselves in God’s story, a story where grace and love abound.

  • 2021 Summary

    Celebrate what God has done in 2021

    We enter into this Advent season with the expectation of rebirth.  Jesus arrives in a most unconventional manner: Mary bearing down in the hay of a stable, with Joseph acting as a midwife. 

  • annunciation angels

    Voice of the Angels

    The angel speaks to us “do not be afraid” and turns our attention to what God is doing right now.  In worship, we come together to sing and celebrate God’s presence in our midst. 

  • gamers

    A Game We Can Win

    The Christian life is led believing that God works in and through chesed--a Hebrew word for loving-kindness.

  • Child Play

    Uncover Fun

    Dear church and friends, When Rachel was young, I didn’t have much time to myself but I did have time to play. Play is a time where you forget about […]

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    Turn and Return

    In that sacred space, all the struggles dissipated in a moment of clarity and connection with the Eternal One.

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    The Hook

    God is often found in the details. Yes, there are struggles, but when we look closely, we see a little something that helps us make it through.

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    New Way

    Imagine what it might feel like to be free of the fear of loss. Imagine a life of faith where what matters most is your connection to the Creator.