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Long Beach, CA 90805

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Nicole Bomar

Linda Tarbutton

Youth Leaders


Nicole Bomar is a creative talent with a "techy vibe" making the most of her education and

artistic abilities leading our youth Sunday School and piloting crafts for the Family Cafe.


Nicole is from San Pedro and and along with her college units has a culinary degree.

Whether leading Sunday School lessons, creating arts and crafts, or assisting her mother,

Gloria in the kitchen she literally can feed body, mind, and soul of our youth. If she can't find

the right craft for her given topic, she has computer program or digital gadget to create her

own. She is smart, kind and patient and a perfect fit at North Long Beach Christian Church.








Linda Tarbutton is our multi-tasking choir director and singing leader.


"Linda teaches our youth.  Linda's passion for youth emanates out of how much she knows

God has loved her.  'You are God's favorite," she will often say to a youth, helping them see

how God is moving in their lives.








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