1115 E Market Street

Long Beach, CA 90805

Phone: 562-422-5833

Email: admin@nlbcc.net


         “We be huggers, here!” On a typical Sunday, as you come through the doors, expect a friendly welcome outside and inside the sanctuary.  We officially begin at 10:45 starting with many easy to sing songs of praise. Throughout the service there will be more elaborate music from contemporary  to traditional hymns. These songs will highlight the different segments of the service. “Passing of the Peace” is the time for greeting one another (a time for “the hugging” to begin in earnest), and is followed by the "child in all of us" moment, which marks the start of Junior Sunday School. After a soul lifting message from Pastor Heather we have communion and celebrate God’s gifts. Benediction concludes the service.


        Sunday School for the kids!  We now have special activities for the children led by Mava LePaga.  After praise songs and Pastor Heathers "A time for the child in all of us," the children are escorted to their Sunday school room where they make crafts and spend time with Mava and his assistants until service is over. We have a new infants attendant, Amber Pittman, so don't worry about your babies during service.


        After worship we have time to make a personal connection with the rest of the congregation and speak more at length with Pastor Heather. Refreshments are served. Food and fellowship! Can’t beat it!



Food Pantry


      Don't forget to remember! Baby its cold outside and it takes a lot more calories just to maintain body temperature. Check with the office to see what you can provide for those we serve, "the least of these."










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