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Worship Leaders


Reverend Heather Miner graduated from Yale Divinity School. She has been in church service for 20 years.


"I love this rag tag group that is the Christian Church in North Long Beach.  They are unafraid to be who God made them to be.  My goal is to preach, pray, and lead in ways that help people find their place in God's story. When I'm not pastoring the church, I enjoy time with family and friends, working out at the gym, and wandering the beautiful places of Southern California. My favorite scripture is Mark 14:8, where Jesus defends the woman who anoints him with her expensive perfume to the disgruntled disciples, "She did what she could." I want to spend all that I am and have to anoint those who Jesus loves."



Ms. Monica Spangenberg is a "Jersey girl" (born in Pennsylvania, raised in New Jersey) who began college with a sense of call.


She was raised in the Presbyterian Church and has a BA degree in English Literature. She is an integral part of our church: organizing the donations to the Food Pantry; singing with the Praise Team and choir; serving as Worship Leader and Ministry Assistant; and whipping the front office into shape as the Office Administrator. She creates a discernible vacuum on the rare occasion she is not in church. She has served our church in the front office for the last 5 years. She loves jigsaw puzzles so don't hide any pieces. Ms. Monica says, "I'm a pretty darned good pet sitter!"





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