Praise Band Musicians

Elnora Beck- Praise Band Leader


Elnora is our musical treasure. She leads the Praise Band, sings in the choir  and does

soulful spirit filled solos. She has been singing professionally for over thirty years and

majored in voice while minoring in piano in college. She has sung with five choirs and has

trained in musical direction. Her real accomplishments are her children (2) and

grandchildren (3). She is a leader in all things church!



Monica Spangenberger- Singer


Monica has been singing in this church for eighteen years. Growing up in a time when

music was cosidered a part of a balanced curiculum, Monica was introduced to band and

marching band in high school. As well as singing , she makes sure that music is ready for

services and choir practise. She is the Church Administrator, a worship leader, contact person

and first human clone.


Dylan Cutler- Drums


At 23 years of age, Dylan has been drums for 10 years. He plays in ten differen groups

outside of church in all genres including funk and jazz groups with Katie. He attends

school for musical performance at Long Beach City College and enjoys playing and

making electronic music. He has an older half-sister and comes to us from Redondo

Beach. The drummer keeps everyone else on the same page. It's all about the beat.



Katie McMahon- Bass Player


Katie is 19 years old and has been playing the bass for 5 years. She is a full time student

majoring in music at Long Beach City College and started her adventure musical

adventure playing the clarinet when she was 9. She plays jazz and funk outside of

church. She is the youngest of three (two older brothers) and is rooted here in Long

Beach. Bass is the "ruler" of the bottom end, creating contrast for the topside (vocals,

piano and guitar).


Max Sthleicher- Piano


Max is local, from El Segundo and has a younger brother. He has a degree from

California State Long Beach in Mechanical Engineering but has been playing piano since

he was ten years old. Music theory has no axiomatic foundation in modern

mathematics but interval, timing, and scales are undenighably connected. He is 24 years

old now and he still loves doing both and we are lucky to have such a talented





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