Reverend Heather Miner is an exceptional preacher with natural leadership

skills. She brings a superior intellect, infectious sense of humor, and a kind soul

to her ministry at North Long Beach Christian Church. Her husband, David

(married 1998), and daughter, Rachel (born 2001), are added bonuses to our

church family. Dave’s vast array of technical skills and Rachel’s  willingness to fall

into place wherever needed make them an easy fit, greatly appreciated and a vital

part of the congregation.


       It was Heather’s need to be like Jesus that brought her to ministry and then to

North Long Beach. And it is Heather’s spiritual connection that has taken her from

ordinary and proficient, to special and ordained. She found her “calling” on a

bookshelf. Heather discovered the books her father, a one-time minister, had left behind. Combined with her inquisitive

nature and passion for reading, they have been a source of inspiration ever since. As she read her father’s books,

especially the sermons of Paul Tillich, she found    her life’s passion.  She began her ministry in college as her church’s

youth leader and never looked back.


       Pastor Heather worked with Community Ministries of Montgomery County, where she helped churches adopt families

in need. A church group would become the extended support network poor families often lack and as God worked in her

life, she became hooked on service.  As an advocate for the poor and homeless, Heather’s personal style is to bring

dignity to all, those being served as well as those who are serving. She has been a math teacher and church leader,

always serving the community and always serving her God.


       Heather attended the Yale Divinity School. At YDS, an interdenominational school, Heather gained a great

appreciation for all Christian walks. She found strength in diversity of thought. Other faith traditions became sources of

networking, not sources of conflict. The Masters of Divinity from YDS has served her well in fifteen years of ordained

ministry. It fulfilled her dream of church ministry and helped prepare her for the challenge of North Long Beach Christian

Church, a church on the wane, stubbornly trying to hold onto its past but now embraces diversity and is a place where, as

Pastor Heather likes to say, “Every Voice Matters.”


       Pastor Heather has helped transform North Long Beach Christian Church from a congregation that thought it was

dying into a church that recognizes God at work among them.  Her sermons inspire. Her leadership encourages.  Her

faith ignites the imagination.  Just as in C.S. Lewis‘ “the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” the frozen gray of winter has

again found the color of spring. -CJB