1115 E Market Street

Long Beach, CA 90805

Phone: 562-422-5833

Email: admin@nlbcc.net


Children's Ministry


    Children are definitely welcome at North Long Beach as we implement a new children's program, led by Mava LePaga. Mava works on many fronts as he leads our Children's Sunday School program and within the Thrive program reaching out to the children in the community. We look forward to new uses for Mava who not only shares his knowledge base each week and his many talents including wonderful vocals. Amber Pittman is our newest addition as Nursery attendant and catch as catch can.


Praise Band


    Our praise band is a treat to hear. With Jim playing piano and guitar, Claudio on Drums and the dulcet tones of Elnora and Monica, they have really created their own distinct sound. They play every other Sunday. Ellen Ortiz is currently on hiatus taking care of family issues but a great talent in her own rights. The return of choir is is in the planning stages and we hope to see its' return by Easter.


Thrive Parent Cafe


    Thrive, a community program started in 2017, has endless possibilities as it seeks and finds the current needs in the community. We are currently hosting the Parent Cafe, and held a Christmas program on December 15 that was a big hit. But, Thrive has also reached out to seniors, so keep an eye out on the horizon for the next need for service in North Long Beach.

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