1115 E Market Street

Long Beach, CA 90805

Phone: 562-422-5833

Email: admin@nlbcc.net



Rev. Heather Miner (Pastor)


Rev. Bob Arthur (Board Chair)


    "Will you follow Jesus as your Lord, Savior, and Friend?" Answering "yes" to this question is the beginning of your journey with this church. More importantly, it is the next step in your journey with Christ. In a simple oath there is so much more that is left unsaid. Is Jesus your Lord? Will you always consider the will of Jesus in all that you do within the church and without? Is Jesus your savior? Are you here because you couldn't find a way to live in this world without Jesus? (If so, you probably did a great deal of damage to yourself trying)? Is Jesus your friend? Will you pray with Jesus as a friend who witnesses your sins, celebrates your joys, and comforts your woes?

    When we follow Jesus we enter into his saving light and our path, life, and purpose in this world are defined. When we follow Jesus, we are accepting his love and forgiveness; we don't beat ourselves up anymore but we confess our missteps, follow his lead, and seek to live by his grace. Finally, when we follow Jesus, we live with the understanding that no wrong, not even death has the final word. God's word does! The answer to the first question, "I will, with the help of God."

    "Will you walk with us on the Christian Way?" The congregation asks this question of you. Christianity is about community, and you now have a commonality with the members of North Long Beach Christian Church in that we have all answered "yes" to the first question. As a community of faith, we seek God's healing power and grace for each other and receive the sacraments from the One who is, was, and ever shall be. Will you commit to this church? Do you choose to support and be supported by North Long Beach Christian Church? The answer to question two is, "I will, with the help of God."

    Will you walk with this person on the Christian Way?" This final question is asked of the members of North Long Beach Christian Church. Christians need one another in order to grow with God. It is a team effort. Reading the Bible alone is good; reading it with a group of people seeking to follow Jesus is ever so much better. We support one another in our Christian walk! Private devotions are good, and yet, how much stronger is the Holy Spirit when we are together, worshiping as the Body of Christ! Will you, as a church, choose to support and be supported (there is grace in both giving and receiving) by this new member? They respond, "We will, with the help of God."


Questions? Thoughts? Wonderings? Please contact Pastor Heather, who loves to talk about matters of faith! Her email is hdminerl@aol.com; the church phone is 562-422-5833











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