1115 E Market Street

Long Beach, CA 90805

Phone: 562-422-5833

Email: admin@nlbcc.net


For twenty years, long before it was fashionable, we hosted an independent church, Holy Spirit Fellowship (HSF), primarily made up of members from the LGBTQ community.  Three years ago, we consummated our long time love affair and joined together in one worship.  Many in leadership come from HSF.


We are proud to have Reverend L. Robert Arthur as our Board Chair.  He is a pioneer in Biblical Studies, an ordained pastor, and graduate of Bob Jones University.  He has stories to tell, including one where he convinced President Carter to let Cuban refugees settle in America who were coupled with same sex partners.  He teaches classes on Homosexuality in the Bible, drawing on his extensive research and ability to read both Hebrew and Greek.


People of different sexualities fully participate in all aspects of our ministries, including serving communion, serving on the Board, working with children, and leading prayers.


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