1115 E Market Street

Long Beach, CA 90805

Phone: 562-422-5833

Email: admin@nlbcc.net





    Through a grant given by Department of Child and Family services, we strive to help parents build a better community for all to thrive. There are endless possibilities as we respond to the current needs in the community. We are currently hosting the Family Cafe and held a Christmas program on December 15 that was a big hit. We have also reached out to seniors, so keep an eye out on the horizon for the next need for service in North Long Beach.




 We know people by name.  Some people are homeless, some are not.  We have food for every need.  We also hand out information about resources that can change their lives, networking with the city and other providers.  If someone wants prayer, we'll do that!  If someone needs to talk, we'll listen.  If someone needs to give, we say "thanks!"

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