1115 E Market Street

Long Beach, CA 90805

Phone: 562-422-5833

Email: admin@nlbcc.net


Christian Education

Children's Ministry


We sometimes have a room filled with children.  Other times, it may be only your children in Sunday School.  We know it takes an act of God for parents to get children up and around and to church on a day they don't have to go to school.  We treat each child as a gift from God.


At present, we are keeping children in service on Sundays for the summer. Your children will be surrounded by adults who care. Amber Pittman is our newest addition as Nursery attendant and catch as catch can.


Adult Education


We love our Bible Studies, Small Groups, and Dinner Church where we learn from the stories of each other's lives!  A new study is soon to come.  Stand by....


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